Well, hello there! I'm Kat.

A goal without action is just a wish.

It can feel utterly miserable if you are stuck in a job you no longer enjoy. But so many people fail to take any action to change their situation. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And it won't land in your lap. You'll stay in a frustrating job, or keep repeating the same old patterns of job hopping, hoping you'll miraculously find the right fit.

Don't just wait for opportunity to knock - you need a plan.

I can relate.

I know what it feels like to pretend to love your job but you feel like a fraud.

I know what it feels like to optimistically change jobs and realise the same office politics are still there, you're just in a different building.

I know what it's like to feel trapped and unfulfilled in a job and not be able to see a way out.

I know what it feels like to have lots of ideas of what you'd rather be doing but lack the confidence to just GO FOR IT! 

The good news is that help is just a phone call away.

What's coaching and how can it help?

Perhaps you're considering changing job or shifting into a brand new career? Maybe you want to turn your hobby into a money making business? Hiring an experienced coach like me to help you explore your options, overcome barriers and take action, means that you'll get to where you want to be faster than you would on your own. 

Having someone qualified to support you and hold you accountable means you're far more likely to make progress and succeed - meaning you spend less time fretting and more time loving your work life!

What do I do?

Personal One to One Coaching


Through a series of one to one coaching calls, I help you to get clarity on what you want and why this is important to you. Together we'll explore your skills and strengths to encourage you to take action immediately.

I'll challenge you to remove those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and empower you to take charge of your future - regardless of the past.

Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, through Skype or similar, or even in person if you're based in London.

Group Coaching for Career Change


Being coached in a group of likeminded individuals all working towards a shared goal of career change is incredibly powerful. As well as creating a support network, you'll be inspired by the stories you'll hear from the other participants on the coaching program.

Every participant agrees to 100% confidentiality meaning that you don't need to worry that your current employer will discover your desire to leave before you're ready to tell them!

All coaching sessions take place online through video chat technology and the program is supported by a structured set of tried and tested materials.

Life begins right now.

Are you ready to:

  • Commit to getting out of your own way to get you what you really want? 

  • Make positive changes that put you in the drivers seat? Stop worrying about what other people think or comparing yourself to others? 

  • Stop making excuses and dig deep to overcome those obstacles. 

  • Get clarity on what really matters to you and what you want for your future? 

  • Work with a coach who will challenge you and hold you accountable?

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