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I was a typical graduate.

I left university with a degree but without any real direction on what I wanted to do with my life beyond travelling and doing a ski season. After a year out and then months of job hunting, I eventually fell into retail. 

As a shiny new graduate trainee, I spent my twenties working hard to get ahead because that’s "what you do". As the focus shifted online to e-commerce, I naturally followed and  a head office environment was where I felt more comfortable, for a while at least. 

Despite promotions and other successes, I gradually became frustrated. I was coasting through life - and not in a good way. I didn't know what I was working towards anymore. I had been so busy focusing on what I was supposed to do/be/have ‘by my age’ that I hadn’t stopped to consider whether I really wanted it or not! 

The turning point came when I was asked what my career goals were and it hit me. The idea of eventually doing my boss’s job really was unappealing and I definitely didn’t want to stay where I was.

I realised it was time to try something different.  But then I had a frightening realisation.

If I was going to make a change, what the heck would I do? 

I also knew that unless I wanted to remain unhappy for the next 30 years, I needed to figure it out!

I spent months scrolling through online job ads but nothing excited me. The experience on my CV felt completely irrelevant for any other industry and I didn't want to start again at the bottom. 

I feel ashamed to say I went on to Google and typed in: “how to change career at 30”.

Up popped a career coach.  After an initial online workshop, I signed up for course of weekly coaching sessions. Although it was a big investment, ultimately it was a no brainer because I knew I couldn’t figure out the answers on my own. 

With the help of my coach and a fantastic community, I explored all my interests and passions and go to know the real ME. Not just the person on the CV or the perception people had of me in the office. 

I took stock of who I was, what came naturally to me and what I loved. 

I tested my ideas in a safe way and the coaching process helped me to ensure I was accountable to my actions.

What my coach said made so much sense to me. I was challenged in a way that my friends, family and work colleagues couldn't.

I began exploring the field of coaching itself, invested in a coaching workshop and then committed to two diplomas with the Coaching Academy. I'd never connected with myself in such a way before, never paid so much attention to my inner voice. 

I quickly became obsessed with the idea that everyone deserves to find fulfilment at work.

So I became a licensed career coach with Firework. Since then I have worked with many different clients across the world. Every client is unique and the challenges they are facing are all so fascinating - which is why I love it! Its a privilege to be part of someone's journey to a new career and see them transform into their best self,  achieving amazing things they previously didn't think possible. You can discover more about the clients I've worked with here.


about kat

I coach thirty-something professionals who are eager for a career change but have little or no idea what they want to do. Through a tried and tested framework, I help them to gain clarity on their ideal career and support them in creating an action plan to help them make it a reality.


Personal Performance Diploma in Coaching (Distinction)

CPD in Financial Coaching & Neuroscience

Certified Firework Career Coach

BSc Hons in Psychology 

Currently working on a Diploma in Coaching in Education

Accredited by


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