Kat Atherton, Life & Career Coach


My Life Before Coaching

After graduating from university I followed the path expected of me. I started a graduate training programme with a well known retailer and worked my way up. Anyone who knows retail will understand its hard work and exhausting. I realised after a decade of grafting and working my way up the ladder, I didn't want to do my boss’s job. 

I didn't know what I was working towards anymore. I had been so busy focusing on what I was supposed to do/be/have ‘by my age’ that I hadn’t stopped to consider whether I really wanted it or not! 

This was a frightening realisation and something I now understand a lot of people in their twenties and thirties experience. I needed direction and passion in my life to find fulfilment.


The google search

I knew that if I wanted something to change, I would have to be the one to take action. 

I looked at online job boards and LinkedIn but every job ad I was qualified for left me feeling cold. To be honest, It was a depressing and frustrating time. 

The idea of changing career in my thirties seemed terrifying and I didn’t think I deserved to go back to the bottom of the ladder again after working so hard for years.

But still, I needed to do something. 

It all started with a google search: “how to change career”. Up popped a life coach. 


Getting to know the real me

After an initial online workshop, I signed up for 8 weeks of coaching and it was the best decision I ever made! I was investing in the one person who could make me happy - ME!

With the help of a coach and a fantastic online community, I explored all my interests and passions and go to know the real ME. Not just the person on the CV or the perception people had of me in the office. I took stock of who I was, what came naturally to me and what I loved. I tested my ideas in a safe way and coaching helped me to ensure I was accountable to my actions.

My preconceptions that life coaching was fluffy went out the window. 

What these coaches said made so much sense to me. I was challenged in a way that my friends, family and work colleagues couldn't. 

The process reminded me why I had chosen to study Psychology at university.

With support from these coaches I explored the field of coaching itself, invested in a free coaching workshop and then a diploma with the Coaching Academy. 

Since then I have worked with a variety of different clients of all ages and backgrounds over hundreds of hours of coaching sessions. Every client is different and the areas they want to work on are all unique to them - which is why I love it! Its a privilege to get an insight into someone's thoughts and feelings and see them transform into happier, healthier human beings who are achieving amazing things they previously didn't think possible!

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