Lizzie B, Group Coaching Client

"I had the pleasure of being introduced to Kat via a mutual friend during my search for a career change coach. When I started Kat’s programme all I knew was that I was unhappy and wanted to change career. I’d been in a sales management role for several years after falling into the position and was paralysed with indecision about how to move on. 

Kat’s programme empowered me to open doors for myself. Her exercises helped me unravel the tangled mess of ideas I had and gave me the tools to put in place practical ways of exploring and pursuing them. Kat has been there every step of the way with practical support, words of encouragement and most importantly she has provided me with the accountability I need to push myself. 


Since completing Kat’s course, I’ve progressed from having no clue what I want to do with the next phase of my career, to having three clear, qualified goals and demonstrable routes to achieve them. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kat as a career change coach. Her course has made me bolder, more structured and critically, Kat has empowered me to take my career to the next level."


Carine, 1:1 Coaching Client

"I spent years looking for 'a way out', a way to change career so I could live and not just exist. One day when I had finally spiralled down to what I felt was the very bottom, I found Kat! 

I have been on a phenomenal journey of self discovery, learning to recognise and appreciate myself and my skills, as well as understanding how I can step out of my comfort zone. As Kat always says '"The magic happens outside your comfort zone!"

I approach each day now with far more positive outlook and self motivation, using the skills Kat has given me. My journey is far from over, however I am a totally different person to the person I was when I started coaching with Kat. My coaching sessions provided me with the confidence and optimism to take the next steps, to 'run my own race' and win!

Kat is the most patient, encouraging and understanding person to work with and I left each and every session feeling empowered and on top of the world.

I would highly recommend Kat to anyone considering career change, she is simply incredible!."

Caroline, Group Coaching Client

"Working with Kat has quite simply changed my life! I was trapped in a job that made me miserable and couldn't find my way out. I was struggling to find the confidence to take the leap into the unknown and leave my job! I knew for a long time that I needed to but was tied up in knots with fear about so many things. I'd been unhappy in my role for several months and the relentlessness of my workload and commute left me exhausted. I knew I didn't want to keep doing what I was doing but I had no space to work out what it was I DID want. I spent hours trawling job sites but felt I either wasn't qualified or just not interested in the roles I saw advertised. 

Then I remembered seeing that a friend had posted on Facebook about working with a coach when in a similar unhappy work situation. That coach was Kat and after an initial chat I joined her 12-week group coaching programme… 

Kat gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and her assignments taught me a lot about myself. It was hard work at times and took a lot of soul searching but I worked through everything in Kat's coaching programme. I came to understand that I enjoyed the work I did in my job, but I needed more control over my work/life balance and to work with people who have the same values as me. It was an amazing moment when I realized I didn't have to spend thousands of pounds re-training but could start with what I already knew and have the freedom to fund my development in other areas at a later stage. I am now setting up my own business providing freelance business support to entrepreneurs and small businesses and I feel much happier, healthier and more confident.

I've also gained some fabulous new friends in the amazing and inspiring ladies that were part of the coaching journey with me. I can't wait to get stuck into the next phase of my journey and see where it takes me! Thank you so much Kat for your unending support. 


Christina, 1:1 Coaching Client

"Working with Kat has been an absolute pleasure and I can highly recommend her. She is a great listener, always objective and with great ideas on how to challenge yourself and push yourself further. 

I worked with her at a stage where I was unsure about where to go next, and she helped me organise my thoughts and how to test and validate my different options to eventually find out which one I should be pursuing. She gave me to confidence to pursue the unorthodox ways (that I actually prefer) and helped me accept that even if my job choices are not the preferred choice for the majority of people, they can work for me, and rather than being unsure of them, I should be proud of it. (Disclaimer: I would count myself as ‘multipotentialite’, so I have many different interests and prefer to have a variety of sources of income through a portfolio career. 

So after starting with Kat while I was (unsuccessfully) job hunting, I am now at a stage where I am working with clients consulting them on something I have done the past 4 years, while also being accepted into an incubator program to work on my own business idea - so hopefully I will soon be able to say that I have my own start-up! 

Without Kat I am not sure if I would have the confidence to pursue my idea and have made it into the program. The expertise of a coach like Kat is invaluable, especially if you don’t the right support network to help you."

Emma, 1:1 Coaching Client

Working with Kat has been such a valuable experience for me.  I am so glad I started working with Kat as my coach when I did and I have grown so much over the last few months of coaching sessions.  She is such a supportive and positive energy in all of our conversations, and I have felt able to open up to her very quickly which has been integral to me achieving as much as I have. 

All our sessions have been around my journey into self-employed work doing something I love. When I first started working with Kat, I was feeling confused and seriously lacking in self-confidence. I look back now on my notes from our first sessions together, and I realise how far I’ve come! I am dreaming bigger now and setting myself clear aspirational goals which I am excited to achieve. Two months ago, I was feeling unsure of myself and confused about my way forward.  I would have been terrified by the goals I’m setting myself now! But after working with Kat, I feel much more confident and self-assured. I still have a long way to go, but I am excited about my future.  I really want to thank Kat for her guidance and support in helping me on this journey.

A key theme running through all our sessions was my self perception and the value I put on myself.  The mindset shifts I have had have been amazing.  Kat has shared tools with me that help me to analyse my current situation, and where I am heading. She has also challenged me on a number of occasions to reframe a situation and view it differently, which has been extremely powerful. I have realised that whilst I can’t control everything, I have full control of how I view myself, the boundaries I set and how I respond to others.  This has been empowering.

The sessions I have had with Kat with so far have been incredibly powerful, and I am eager to continue working together as I set up my business.  I have made so much progress in my mindset shifts, and also in the actions I am taking in the real world to move me forward  that I am beyond excited about the prospects available to me after more sessions with Kat!"


Katie, Group Coaching Client

"I thought I knew myself pretty well. I even have recruitment experience so I am no stranger to both sides of the job hunt and interview process. But the career I had created for myself was just not what I wanted! I was stuck in a rut. Then, after a particularly awful day at work, I sat on the train scrolling social media and came across Kat, a Career Change Coach.  On a whim I booked a free discovery call and the very next morning was suddenly chatting to someone who got 'it'! For so long I had been on a metaphorical conveyor belt, attracting the same thing again and again and was bored by the prospects on offer...

Here I am 4 months later and 1 month since the course ended. I can honestly say I am a different person to that one sat on the train frustrated and stuck! I haven't taken that final leap to leave my current job yet, but I am so much more sure about what I want next and I have the tools to go and get it!  

Kat has been such an inspiration that my long term goal is to become a Coach myself! In the mean time I already have a list of new contacts, I am working with different people in different industries and I am taking great strides forward to live MY BEST LIFE. I have faith and the tools to get there and I know I will be updating this testimonial very soon to say "I've done it!"!! 

Thank you Kat for opening my eyes, bursting my bubble and offering the world as an opportunity - I'll be forever grateful."

Camille, Group Coaching Client

"Kat's helped me find my way and make so much progress on a journey I could not have started on my own. While many of us feel unfulfilled in our current jobs or careers it is difficult to put a finger on what needs to change and how to make it happen. This was how I felt when I got in touch with Kat.

Thanks her 12-week group coaching programme, the prospect of a career change no longer feels overwhelming.  Kat gives you the keys to make it happen, the ability to develop the life skills to take concrete action and the direction to find clarity in what you truly want. She is incredibly understanding and inspiring and gently pushes you to achieve what you need to do. Her professionalism leaves no worry or question unanswered.

I was amazed by how much this programme has changed me. I have built more resilience, grown in confidence, I know what I want and what steps to take next. I have just completed the 12-week programme and am making real progress on my career change journey (starting the process just reveals so much to dig into)  but I no longer feel lost or unable to move forward.

This is so much more than career change coaching. This programme literally transforms you. I couldn't recommend it enough, whether you hate your job or know that deep down you are made for something else and whether you have some idea what you want to do next or simply don't know where to start. Thank you so much, Kat."


Joanna, Group Coaching Client

"Kat makes the career change journey accessible and personal to you and your goals. She encourages you to keep up momentum but also to go at your own pace, supporting you through any moments of overwhelm that naturally come with any changes. 

The course materials you are provided with are an excellent set of user-friendly tools to guide you through what can be a very ambiguous topic. 

The group calls and Whatsapp group with the other ladies on the course provided great support and encouragement, a space to easily share experiences and also broadened my network. Both the group and Kat keep you accountable and are super encouraging and positive throughout the course.

I've now taken a career break from work to continue to pursue my career change and to go on putting the course principles and teachings into practice. I'm now calmer and less anxious, more focused and much more able to identify and go after what I really want!"

Alex, Group Coaching Client

"When I first got in touch with Kat, I was feeling totally overwhelmed by my job, it felt too challenging and too consuming, and without any of the payoffs that might make all that worthwhile: I didn’t find it fulfilling, I didn’t feel passionate about it, I didn’t feel it represented me. 

I would avoid talking about my job with my friends and family, but because it used up so much of my energy, once I had deflected the question ‘so, how’s work’, I had nothing else to talk about, I was simply heading home to the sofa every night, exhausted and disheartened, but with no idea what to do about it.

Once I started working with Kat, I felt a transformation begin to happen, and it felt SO GOOD. I got my current job into perspective, realised that I needn’t feel trapped, and I started to get my energy back and to resurrect the rest of my life. 

Ideas quickly started to pop up and I felt much more open and alert to possibilities. I ended up discovering that a career dream I had put aside years ago was still meaningful to me and still a realistic option, and I’m happily on a path to that dream now. 

Kat’s coaching has been brilliant, as has the support of my fellow career-changers, I’m so glad I took the decision to invest in the course! I’m so grateful to Kat, she is kind, feisty, encouraging and inspiring; she’ll get you out of your comfort zone and onto a path to a career that fits you better."


Becki, Group Coaching Client

"Kat’s coaching course has undoubtedly been an amazing investment in myself and my future.

The weekly group calls were one of the most valuable parts of the course for me because of the support, total acceptance and positivity those calls inspire and generate. Knowing you can share your feelings, accomplishments and fall-backs without fear of judgement is so encouraging you feel there’s nothing you can’t do, or at least give a good try! 

My confidence is the most obvious change I've noticed and I no longer feel held back by my current career or situation. I’m braver, bolder, I ask for more. I stretch myself beyond my cosy comfort zone and I laugh more! 

The practical and magical tools Kat provides you with and the life skills you learn along the way throughout the course are brilliant! The most important part for me has been the change of mindset and the opportunities my new mindset has opened me up to. For that I am eternally grateful and will forever be reaping the benefits of! 

Kat not only provided me with all the tools I needed to begin to manifest some big changes, she also supported and guided me towards a complete change of mindset. Kat is a positive and proactive coach, her approachable yet no BS attitude allowed me to flow at my own pace whilst ensuring I was accountable throughout the process. Strengthening my confidence, dealing with anxiety, working to find my own true values whilst discovering skills I’d left unattended for many years are just a few of the many things I thank Kat for. 

I would recommend Kat to anyone who is feeling lost or in need of getting their spark back in order to find their best place in the world, or world of work!"

Sophie, Group Coaching Client

"If you are on the fence about joining up to the Re-design Your Career 12 week coaching course - JUST DO IT! 

This is just one of the great lessons Kat will teach you - to take steps, no matter how small, no matter if you have no idea which direction those steps are going in, because they will still get you somewhere and you will learn a hell of a lot along the way! 

I definitely noticed a big difference in my mindset and confidence within a few weeks of joining the course (as did my family). I have adopted a new, more positive attitude, some new skills, I've had some great conversations and met lovely, inspiring people (Kat included of course!). 

She will help you to explore your wants and make sense of them, and pull you out of that endless circle that is getting you to nowhere!


Liz, Group Coaching Client

"I did Kat's 12 week Career Change Programme. It really helped me focus on my goals and on who I am. My confidence improved and I have found myself in a completely new career in the charity sector!


The journey isn't over, but Kat has given me the tools to keep me focused on what I want from life. 

The 12 week programme was intense but was worth it as it has sent me off on a trajectory with momentum! 

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to change career and needs to work on how to get there!"

Ashleigh, 1:1 Coaching Client

"When I first started working with Kat, I really didn't think that I could be where I am in my business today! 

I had no real idea on my direction. Kat was able to help me to breakdown what I wanted, in a comfortable manner and in bite size chunks that was beneficial to me. She really encouraged me to try things that I was uncomfortable with. 

Honestly, I thank her for all that she has done, as  I definitely would not have got there without Kat's support. She is really warm, friendly. non-judgmental and a ball of knowledge. I feel like I have gained a friend as well as a coach! 

I would recommend anyone to Coach with Kat - if you are struggling to find your career direction, if you are struggling with your confidence to achieve the impossible. She will 100% be able to help you find your path, provide you with tools that really help you get clear on your values and goals. She will support you online and offline to help you achieve them and more!"


Trudy, 1:1 Coaching Client

"Kat has provided amazing support throughout my career change from employee to entrepreneur. She helps me to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective. 

I would highly recommend Kat to anyone who is going through the same thing and considering a Career Coach to help guide them through their transition."

Rachael, 1:1 Coaching Client

"I approached Kat at a time where I felt a little lost and detached from myself. I was apprehensive at first, but Kat has a very patient, approachable and diplomatic nature and I found her very easy to open up to.

Through her coaching style, I found myself really motivated to complete weekly actions and having the next weekly session booked in kept me accountable and pushed me to take daily steps towards goals.

My greatest takeaway from working with Kat is I now feel more in control of my own life. I'm now putting less pressure on myself and am content in my new ability to make small ongoing steps towards my goals. I can't thank Kat enough for giving me the guidance, awareness and clarity I needed. Worth every penny!"


Georgeta, 1:1 Coaching Client

"Kat helped me with a goal that I had little motivation for. It is unlikely that I would have done anything about it in a period of live when I was going through some significant changes and I felt quite overwhelmed by everything.


Kat helped me to stay focused, thinking about why it is important for me to achieve this goal in the short term, as well as what it means to me for the long term plans I have. She was very good at helping me find measures for my goals that were challenging but motivating at the same time. 

Having that accountability and knowing that I would have to find a really good reason for not taking the actions I committed to, motivated me to make things happen.  In addition, the actions I needed to take were always on my mind and agreeing the steps together with Kat made them more manageable and more achievable.

I am grateful to Kat for her patience and for kindly but firmly challenging me to move forward with my aspirations."


"During the course of my sessions with Kat my life really did change quite significantly. 

In six months I went from being extremely unhappy in my job, to working for a new company in a fantastic role. During that time I also qualified as a personal trainer and I now run my own part time training business.

Life coaching isn’t about getting someone to do the hard work for you.

Working with Kat gave me clarity on what it was that I wanted to change. We discussed the practical steps I could take that would take me closer to my goal.

Having someone support you and encourage you to focus on what you want and help you to formulate a step by step plan to get there is incredibly powerful.

Working with Kat made me accountable and having a plan made me feel more in control of my life. Like anything in life, you only get out what you put in. I would highly recommend sessions with Kat. You might just be surprised by what a difference it makes."


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kat and have found our sessions to be extremely beneficial, certainly setting a positive tone for the rest of the day! 

Her succinct and effective questioning has helped to highlight important patterns in my behaviour, identify what my needs are and accordingly address them.

One of my favourite moments was exploring and brainstorming ideas of how I could better connect with other people to better improve the quality of my social life, having recently moved to a new city. 

I genuinely enjoyed doing this as it gave me the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with my own ideas, some of which may have seemed a little crazy, but certainly helped to get my creative juices flowing! 

I found it helpful and motivating to have someone that I was accountable to and be able to share my small (though significant) steps of progress with. And for this I’m grateful for Kat’s continued support and positive encouragement!"


"I found my sessions with Kat were very helpful in getting me focused on some key challenges that I had been procrastinating about because of some negative belief systems. 

Kat posed questions that made me think about things and gave me the foundation to find solutions myself. 

This was enlightening and thought -provoking. 

Kat gave me the opportunity to talk freely and openly and in a non-judgemental environment.  I feel it helped to talk with her and some of my key learnings remain on my office wall and as reminder of how useful the sessions were. As a result of my experience, I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Kat."

Lizzie J

"Kat started coaching me a few months into maternity leave. I needed help to adjust to the new childcare routine and to conquer some anxieties I had about returning to work. 

Kat was extremely helpful in creating some headspace for me to get to grips with the specifics of these thoughts and place these into a logical order with an associated action plan. 

As the sessions went on I began to feel more positive, I has a sense of achievement as I completed each of the small goals we'd set together. 

Overall I now feel more powerful and confident. I would recommend Kat to friends and work colleagues."


"Kat, thanks for all the help and support you’ve given me over recent weeks. I’ve appreciated your calm manner, great listening skills and thought provoking questions.

Our coaching sessions have allowed me to get some clarity and focus and you’ve helped me to unravel some issues and blockers holding me back. I feel in a much better space to move forward in this year with purpose and a plan of action!"

Katie E

"I found Kat asked all the right questions and I now have the direction to achieve my goals, breaking down what I wanted to achieve into more manageable steps - so difficult to achieve alone.

Kat has a wonderful relaxed manner and I find her very easy to talk things through with. I’ve been able to achieve competing in my first ever triathlon, generally improving my fitness and diet.

I really couldn’t have achieved this without Kat’s help. Thank you so much!"

Liz P

"I found Kat’s easy going coaching style put me at ease and we built a great rapport week on week. 

She was firm when needed, helpful and sensitive. It was only through her encouragement and belief in me was I able to achieve the right balance within my life."


"My sessions with Kat helped me to build my confidence and helped me to prioritise my time so that I take actions more effectively. 

Your open and kind nature made it easy for me to open up and trust you. I also really enjoyed the way that you challenged me enough to keep me on track.

Overall, I am on track to achieving my goal of having my business up and running by December!"


"I had gotten lost in the career change journey and was on the point of giving up. Kat helped me to narrow down my goals, keep me focused and helped me to identify small, achievable steps - which I was accountable for taking each week. 

I remember being impressed at her ability to ask me good questions to bring answers out of me, even when I said ‘I don’t know’."

Amy H

"I felt at ease with Kat from the moment we first spoke.  

My finances had been causing me a lot of anxiety for a long time.  I now feel in control and the sessions we had have opened my eyes in terms of how I need to approach things differently in the future.  

I am so happy with the results that have been achieved in such a relatively short space of time and feel better equipped to manage the challenges that lie ahead. 

I could not recommend working with Kat as a Coach highly enough. I have worked with quite a few coaches in the past and Kat is definitely one of the best."


"Kat has a very warm and engaging but professional ‘no nonsense’ style which I found to be important when I had so many ideas and thoughts buzzing around in my head. 

I knew on the first session that we were going to get along and that Kat would help me focus on the priorities. She made me feel comfortable but important.

Kat was very open and honest, being firm when it was necessary but pleasant and sensitive at the same time. Through her really good ability to listen to me and helpful prompting when I needed it, I was able to believe in myself and move forward to the next phase of my life, turning those confusing thoughts into reality to achieve the right level of satisfaction and contentment for me as a whole person."

Katie J

"With Kat’s coaching I have formed the pathway to my career change goal with greater clarity and confidence.

I found that the coaching conversations were so solid that they stayed with me between calls and I have been able to share my passion and progress with those around me, which has been hugely satisfying.

The results have been really exciting and inspiring. I have the evidence of this all around me, including better organized work areas, email contacts from around the world from people who share my desires and want to work with me, and a new Facebook group!

Kat has taken my goals seriously, has been ever encouraging and provided a professional, empathetic and unwavering base for which I am extremely grateful."

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